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BEACHR 'Core Casual' Sunglasses

BEACHR 'Core Casual' Sunglasses

Introducing the Core Casual sunglasses by BEACHR—a blend of simplicity, sportiness, and casual flair. Designed for everyday adventures under the sun, these sunglasses are your go-to choice for beach outings and beyond.

The Core Casual line features stylish blue and dark pink lenses that not only shield your eyes but also make a bold statement. With the iconic BEACHR logo prominently displayed on the frame, you'll showcase your affinity for beach life wherever you go.


Whether you're strolling along the boardwalk or enjoying a leisurely day at the beach, these sunglasses provide essential protection and style without compromising comfort. Embrace the BEACHR spirit and let the world know you're part of a community that lives for sunny days and coastal vibes.


Elevate your look with Core Casual sunglasses from BEACHR—because every moment under the sun deserves to be enjoyed in style.

    Expected to be delivered mid May
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