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BEACHR 'Prime' Sunglasses

BEACHR 'Prime' Sunglasses

Dive into beach sports with the BEACHR Prime Sunglasses—a must-have companion for your active lifestyle under the sun. Engineered for performance and style, these sunglasses are your ultimate partner in beachside adventures.


The Blue REVO lens, featuring the ADAPT photochromic technology, offers a wide view with its fashion spherical design, enhancing visibility during beach sports on cloudy to partly cloudy days. This lens adapts seamlessly to changing light conditions, ensuring you stay focused and stylish whether you're playing volleyball or enjoying a morning run along the shore.


When the sun blazes during intense beach activities, such as beach soccer or outdoor workouts, switch to the XTREME lens for full sun protection. Experience unparalleled clarity and sun protection while safeguarding your eyes from harsh UV rays.


The BEACHR Prime Sunglasses boast a U-shape nose design for quick lens exchange, allowing you to adapt to changing light conditions swiftly. Anti-slip temple features ensure these sunglasses stay securely in place during dynamic movements on the sand.


Gear up with BEACHR Prime Sunglasses and take your beach sports to the next level. Stay protected and stylish while dominating the game under the sun. With fashion-forward design and functional features, these sunglasses are built to elevate your performance on the beach.

    Expected to be delivered by mid May. Pickup at one of our clubs, or with additional shipping fee
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